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Why the Machine-Made Charcoal Break During Production?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-07-13
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It is almost a necessary process that the people engaged in charcoal making have suffered broken charcoal and charcoal split, but with different factors and environment. Because most of the charcoal factories don't add external heat source at the temperature-rise period in early stage of carbonization, the temperature of the kiln come from charcoal burning of raw materials. As for the temperature in later period, the heat come from carbonized charcoal. Therefore burning is inevitable, but in different degree. On the base of many years production experience and guidance of experienced installation technicians, we made a brief summary:

1. High density of semi-finished rod, the higher density, the better carbonized charcoal.

2. Kiln design should be reasonable, the volume should be more than 2.7x1.4x1.6m, or you will lose a competitive advantage  in the case of avoidless burning;

3. Ensure the sealing performance of the kiln, or the leak will cause the raw charcoal and kilns does not stall and other consequences. So we should seal the weld seam around stoves using the carbonization furnace (mud is ok)

4. Carbonization process can not be too fast, ensure good charring curve(detail in operating instructions), and achieve maximum efflux of moisture;

5. Produce qualified high, medium and low carbon according to customer's requirements and the principles of charring. And to make a clear judgment on the charring curve, the color and flavor of smoke, because the result is a ultimate protection of profits .

6. The main carbonization tools at present: soil charring kiln, carbonization furnace.

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