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Why Should We Use Charcoal?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2016-12-16
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The coal is a kind mineral,which is coming from the ancient raw plants that is buried in the ground for hundreds years,then it forms the coal minerals.but for the charcoal, it is made of woods,raw agricultural wastes and someother materials. through the chemical process or physical process to make the charcoal.

The advantages of the charcoal

1,no smokes,the green process make the charcoal ,then while you burn the charcoal,it will not make air pollution.

2,long burning time,when you are burning the charcoal,it will last long time than the raw woods.

3the charcoal can be made into different kinds of shapes,like the charcoal rods,charcoal sticks,charcoal balls,charcoal cubics and charcoal tablets,then you can used in different areas for that.

4,ti can be used for cooking like the domestic using,second,for the BBQ charcoal,as we all know,BBQ is more and more popular these days,thirds, shisha charcoal.

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