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Wood Chippers Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-08
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1.Professional&direct machine manufacturer,
2.High production efficiency,
3.Energy saving

MHC Brand Wood chipper,Wood chipping machine, wood chipper machine
1.Professional&direct machine manufacturer
2.High production efficiency
3.Energy saving

1. Features of wood chipping machine
wood chipper Wood chipping machine is a kind of equipment special for wood crushing. It is based on the needs of industrial production in China after years of research and design. As a result of rational design, compact structure, safety, durability, high production efficiency, the use effect is very good. The whole set equipment is drive by only one motor; it has low noise, simple structure, compact layout, stable working, low consumption, high yield and high quality finished products.

2.Working principle
The machine integrate blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact with collision and double crushing functions. And at the same time it could manage to complete the micro-separation processing process. In the process of blades cutting, rotor produces high-speed airflow and rotates with the blade cutting direction. The material speed up in the flow and repeatedly impact

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