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Wood Crusher Factors To Consider When Buying

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At the time of purchase wood crusher must take into account the following factors:

1, how much is the expected output per hour? According to own actual situation to calculate the approximate total production, work ten hours a day on average, the average share to each hour of production. Thus calculated how much about the production output.

2, prepare for consulting. Be sure to ask before buying wood crusher, used wood crusher bearing performance, is a high-speed operation. Bearing is oil or butter. Some manufacturers to save costs, using low quality bearings shoddy. In the wood crusher of high speed, the oil can't timely lubrication protection effect, the friction in the bearings increase. To reduce the use of wood crusher performance.

3, wood crusher blade. Wood crusher crushing effect is good or bad, the vast extent, depends on how well the blade machine use, be sure to know the material of blade and performance, because manganese steel material is more hard, crushing strength is big. And choose carbide electrode wear-resistant electrode is the best. Both wear-resisting, high strength again.

4, wood crusher internal crushing whether wearing ring can be replaced Because of some wood crusher casing is a one time, it is important to note that as far as possible to buy the kind that when buying replacement can save investment, a one-time finish wood crusher wearing ring is discarded uneconomic.

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