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Working Principle of Charcoal Powder Ball Press Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2014-01-08
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Working Principle of Charcoal Powder Ball Press Machine:

[1] First, the powder material will be transfered on to the two pressure roller through the feeder.

[2] The natural materials enter the ball roll mode with the roll rotation.

[3] Material pressure on a small part become larger, when the material enter into the two pressure rollers, the pressure of materials has reached the peak.

[4] Tremendous pressure between the two roller, the powder become finished product.

Brief Description Of Charcoal Powder Ball Press Machine:

1) Zhengyang brand charcoal powder ball press machine is mainly used for pressing powder material.

2) Such as, coal powder, charcoal powder, metallic powder (Fe / Si powder), iron scale, iron sludge, precipitator dust, iron concentrate, the final production can be press into ball, oval pillow and egg shapes, etc.

3) Ball press machine mainly used in the pulverized coal forming; Dry powder molding; The desulfurization gypsum moulding; Coke powder molding; Iron ore and all kinds of metal powder molding, etc.

The operation principles of the ball press machine: The ball press machine operation principles is like this: the power produced by the motor, through the V belt to the reducer, then through the coupler to the drive shaft, then by a pair of open gear, to ensure the two rollers synchronous (constant speed reverse).

The simple flow: Motor → V belt → Reducer → Coupler → Open Gear → Rollers.

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