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Working Principle Of Air-Flow Drying Machine

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Air-Flow drying machine Working principle:

Raw materials through the inlet by the pipe into the furnace, sand around the pipeline along with hot air fan to be cloned. Put out the drying material by cloning, waste heat, steam from sand cloning out above.

Air-Flow drying machine characteristics:

1, Air drier large intensity of drying, air drier because of high air velocity, the material in the gas phase dispersion is good, can use all material surface as a dry area effectively, therefore, dry limited area is greatly increased. At the same time, due to dry dispersion and stirring effect, make the gasification surface constantly updated, therefore, dry heat transfer intensity.

2, Drying time is short: the very short contact time of raw material and air drying time is in commonly 0.5 ~ 5 seconds, for heat sensitive or low melting point materials will not affect its quality cause overheating or decomposition.

3, High thermal efficiency, air dryer and flow of gas and airflow drying the material operation, from beginning to end material can achieve reasonable state temperature and air temperature, drying time is short, so can use high drying temperature.

4, Air-Flow drying machine applicability is wide and high output, large precipitation range;

5, Simple structure, and stood in a small area, low investment and maintenance cost.

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