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Working Principle of Ball Pressing Machine

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Coal, coke and other fossil fuels are the indispensable stuff for people’s life, and they bring energy to the life and power to the production. But with the overdevelop and overuse of those fossil fuels in recent years, the available quantity is decreasing constantly. So people make the Ball Pressing Machine. It can make the powder coal, coke or charcoal into briquettes, which will reduce the wastes of fossil fuels and take full use of the energy.

Ball Pressing Machine

Firstly, we need to collect the raw materials and debug all the needed machines. If you use a single machine to produce pellets, you just only need to debug the Ball Pressing Machine, but you should control the raw materials situation artificially to make the materials suitable for the production.

Next, you should control the production process. The feeding quantity, working pressure all need to be adjusted. Only by reaching to the best status, can the machine produce high quality of briquettes.It is to note that, the operator should operate the machine according to the guide of the operation instruction. You can not operate blindly, otherwise it may damage the machine or produce low quality of briquettes.

Working Principle of Ball Pressing Machine:

The Working Principle of Ball Pressing Machine is like the below picture. After the materials go into the hopper, the feeding auger sends the materials into the middle of two rollers quantificationally. There is the same diameter of grooves on both rollers, and they rotates inside at the same time. The pressure gradually increases until the materials reach right in the middle of the rollers, and then the pressure becomes the biggest. After that the pressure becomes smaller and smaller until the briquettes fall down to the ground.

Working Principle of Ball Pressing Machine

Requirement to The Raw Materials:

We all know that no matter which kind of product, the requirement to the raw materials must exist. While the requirement to produce coal/coke/charcoal briquettes is that, the granularity can not be less than 3mm. It is better to be 1-2mm, and the moisture content also should be control well which can guarantee the briquettes quality.

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Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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