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Working Principle of Carbonization Stove

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Use of material surface (don't need additional heat source), spontaneous combustion heat, the material carbonization to above 150 ℃, they began to decompose the complex structure; As the temperature rise, decomposition was accelerated. When temperature > 260 ℃, paid great intense decomposition reaction occurs inside the furnace, generate combustible gases. Black tar and charcoal.

Carbonization stove Features

1, sealing structure, improve the quality of the charcoal and yield.

2, installation pointer thermometer (or digital display temperature control instrument), understand the change of temperature in the furnace, carbonization speed adjustment. To ensure the quality of the charcoal.

3 the flue gas cooling, tar separator tar, reduce flue gas of atmospheric pollution.

4, the use of special structure to ensure that pay great coking rate reached 1

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