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Working Process of Smokeless Airflow Carbonization Furnace

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-05-31
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Smokeless airflow carbonization furnace, which adopts advanced hot flue carbonizing technology, is one of our latest developed products. Smokeless airflow carbonization retort greatly increases carbonizing ratio from about 88% to 99%, and shortens carbonizing time (from 24 to 8 hours).

Below is the working process of smokeless airflow carbonization furnace:

1. Preparation

Open the lid of carbonization furnace, lift out the inner tank, put raw material in, then put the inner tank back. Close the lid then seal it so that no oxygen could come inside.

2. Heating

After sealing process, use wood waste or gas to heat furnace from the bottom. After 10 minutes burning, the temperature reaches 90℃, turn to use slow fire to heat. This process will take 60-120 minutes to reduce water vapor from your materials.

3. Carbonization

Keep heating, after the temperature reaches 180-235 ℃, the raw material will produce flammable gas from the inner tank. Reuse the gas as fuel to heat the inner tank. The whole process will last about 8 hours. When the temperature reaches highest and no flammable gas is produced, the carbonization process is finished.

4. Cooling

Lift the inner tank out. Let it cool naturally. The longer cooling time is, the better quality of charcoal is. After about 10 hours, you can take charcoal out.

Our Carbonization Furnaces:

We provides customers with professional carbonization furnace, energy-saving carbonization furnace, smokeless airflow carbonization furnace, dry distillation carbonization furnace, smoke-free carbonization furnace and so on. The new type carbonization furnace is an environmental friendly product with a flue gas recovery device on it, which achieved smoke-free production. The recycled flue gas can be processed into liquefied petroleum gas that can be lit for heating, cooking and supplying heat for dryers.

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