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My raw material is wood log, want to turn it into charcoal?

Wood log can be carbonized by our self-ignited carbonization furnace or hoist type carbonization furnace directly.considering environmental factor and efficiency, hoist type furnace is more suggested,it's also more energy saving.

How to make sawdust charcoal briquette?

Normally we suggest briquette the sawdust into sawdust briquette firstly, then carbonized.

If all biomass waste is suitable for the biomass briquette machine?

Charcoal Briquette Machine request raw material be processed below 3-5mm, moisture below 10%.wood sawdust and rice husk can be briquetted without crushing. but small wood branch,rice husk, straws need to be crushed.coconut shell or nut shell we not suggest briquetted, we suggest carbonize directly.

How much capacity is your hoist type carbonization furnace?

Capacity has relation to raw material's moisture. higher moisture, lower output capacity.

Can we test machine in your factory?

We can test the Charcoal Briquette Machine and carbonization furnace for you in our factory if needed. warmly welcome factory visiting.

How long will machine be delivered?

Normally about 14--25working days after receiving the down payment.

Do you have engineer for installation?

Yes, we have engineer to client site for installation. Salary normally 100usd per day.

Any Guarantee of your machine?

Our machine warranty is for one year. we'll list the terms on our contract.