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Introduction and working principle of continuous carbonization furnace

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2019-12-21
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[Continuous Carbonization Furnace] Introduction:

A double-cylinder internal heating type continuous carbonization furnace. Two separate internal heating furnace bodies are alternately and continuously produced. A heat balance tube is connected between the two furnace bodies. The exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust chamber of the carbonization furnace is cooled by water spray to remove dust. The furnace body is sealed and carbonized. And equipped with horizontal loading and unloading tracks.

continuous carbonization furnace

[Continuous carbonization furnace] Working principle:

The continuous carbonization furnace includes: a carbonization furnace shell, a furnace chamber, a heat-insulating layer filled between the shell and the furnace chamber, an intake valve, and a flue gas outlet. It is characterized by having two or more carbonization furnace bodies, an exhaust chamber is arranged above the furnace body, and an air intake chamber is arranged below, an upper seal ring is arranged between the upper part of the furnace body and the exhaust chamber, and There is a lower seal ring, a dust collector whose flue gas outlet communicates with the heat balance pipe through a pipe control valve, a flue gas inlet of the dust collector is connected to the expansion joint of the air outlet of the exhaust chamber through a pipe control valve, and a cooler connected to the dust collector,

A ventilator and a tar discharge port communicating with the air inlet chamber, a grate bar installed at the lower part of the furnace body, a top rod installed between the exhaust room and the air inlet chamber, a retractor installed on the top rod, and a furnace body A supporting shaft on the outer shell, a horizontal loading track on which the supporting shaft is mounted and installed on the track foundation, a heating combustion chamber communicating with the air inlet chamber, an insulation layer protection ring installed on the inner wall of the furnace chamber, and connecting the heating combustion chamber and The furnace's heating flame guide tube is a heat balance tube installed between the furnace bodies.

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