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These more than 70 kinds of carbon-making raw materials can be processed by straw wood charcoal machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-05-28
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The straw charcoal machine uses rice husks, straw stalks, peanut husks, bagasse, and rice straw as straw husks, straw stalks, peanut husks, bagasse, rice stalks, corn on the cob, sesame stalks, soybean stalks, corn cobs, according to the final, Nearly 70 kinds of materials, such as wood shavings, blocks, and bamboo chips, are raw materials for making charcoal. Consumer raw materials can be seen everywhere, and the cost is very low. The waste (agricultural and forestry product waste) is the raw material, which is processed to make it a new energy mechanism charcoal.

charcoal machine
charcoal machine

The output of straw charcoal machine starts from 1 ton per day, so the characteristic of straw charcoal machine equipped with air dryer is particularly prominent. High thermal efficiency: airflow drying adopts material and gas co-current manipulation, from the beginning to the end of the material temperature and air temperature can reach a fair state, the drying time is short, so higher drying temperature can be used. The carbonization furnace carbonizes the quality and output of the finished carbon, so the application of the dryer in the straw charcoal machine is very important. At the same time, because of the dispersion and stirring action during drying, the negative vaporization surface is constantly updated, so the heat transfer process of drying is strong. Straw charcoal machine is a raw material crushing and destroying machine, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace, several links are complementary. The airflow dryer has: because the airflow speed is high, the materials are well dispersed in the gas phase, and the entire surface of the material can be used as the effective area for drying. Therefore, the drying area is greatly increased.

Straw charcoal machine features and uses:

1. This product has reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor saving and power saving.

2. The designed fully-automatic control electric heating device can randomly adjust the dry humidity of the materials to ensure the stability of the discharge molding and improve the working efficiency.

3. The main parts of this product are made of wear-resistant materials and are specially processed, so they can be continuously produced and durable.

4. It is suitable for the compression molding of various biomass raw materials, and has low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

5. Change the three bearings of the old movement to four, which increases the stability and durability of the machine.

6. Change the old-style oiled lubrication to oil-immersed lubrication, as long as there is no shortage of oil, it can be used for many years.

7. Increase the screw pitch to increase the amount of feed, thereby greatly increasing the output.

8. The structure of the forming cylinder is improved, the friction between the machine and the raw material is reduced, and the density of the core rod is increased.

9. The propeller uses a live head and a live rod to reduce maintenance costs and make production more convenient.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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