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Interpretation of the crusher in the charcoal machine equipment

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-02
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In the process of producing machine-made charcoal, the pulverizer is a necessary equipment, and it is indispensable in the charcoal machine equipment. Why do you say this? The main function of the pulverizer is to crush the raw materials. If you don't meet the requirements, you need to use a crusher to crush. Let's talk about the crusher in the charcoal machine equipment for you. The charcoal machine equipment production mechanism requires the size of the carbon crushing raw material to be 5 to 10MM pellet machine. It can be crushed with an ordinary crusher.

crusher in the charcoal machine equipment
crusher in the charcoal machine equipment

The operation principle of the crushing is that the motor drives the main shaft and turbine to rotate at high speed to crush the raw material, and Grinded, and then re-grinded through the gap between the blade and the grinding block, so as to reach the standard particle size.

When using crushing, please turn on the crusher first, let the equipment idle for a few minutes, check whether the sound is abnormal, and whether the steering is correct. If there is no problem, then crushing, it must be found that the problem must be shut down in time for maintenance In the state of starting up, it cannot be repaired to avoid accidental injury.

When crushing, you should check the raw materials, there must be no foreign objects such as stones and metals, so as not to damage the machine and prevent the machine from being used normally. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the bin when it is blocked during use. In case of blockage, it should be shut down and checked after starting.

After the crushing is completed, the equipment should be idle for a few minutes and then shut down, so that the remaining raw materials can be completely discharged, and then clean the crusher and daily maintenance.

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