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Extra surprise: by-product of charcoal machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-06
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Charcoal machine equipment can not only process high-quality charcoal, but also bring you additional surprises while making charcoal: charcoal machine by-products. Charcoal machine by-products mainly refer to wood tar and wood vinegar produced by charcoal.

In the past, when charcoal was burned, there was no advanced technology to collect wood tar and wood vinegar produced in charcoal. Now, with the progress of society, the charcoal technology of charcoal is advancing by leaps and bounds. For the collection of this by-product, new energy and environmental protection machinery plants A recovery system has been developed. Wood tar is an organic compound containing hydrocarbons, acids, and phenols. After processing, creosote, anti-polymerization agent, flotation foaming agent, wood pitch and other products can be obtained. It can also be used in medicine, synthetic rubber and metallurgy.

Extra surprise: by-product of charcoal machine

Wood tar: It is the product (for example, Swedish tar or pine tar) that is discharged when wood (conifer or other wood) is carbonized in a charcoal kiln, or the product obtained by distillation in a distillery or distillation furnace (distilled tar). Distilled tar can be directly precipitated from tar wood water (precipitated tar), or can be prepared by dissolving tar wood water (tar has been partially dissolved) (dissolved tar). Wood tar is a high temperature resistant material with a high temperature resistance up to 280oC and is waterproof. It is an excellent material for anticorrosion and high temperature resistance in the paint industry of the shipbuilding industry. Chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials and plant nutrients regulate auxin, which has a growth effect on plants and is excellent for insecticides. The main component of wood tar is xylophenol, which is usually obtained by distilling tar prepared from non-fat-retained wood, treating it with sodium hydroxide, re-acidification and re-distillation to separate it from other components. Xylenol oil is a colorless liquid, but it shows color under the action of air and light, has a smell of smoke, and is corrosive. It is mainly used as a disinfectant and preservative.

We recommend that customers choose equipment with a recycling device when purchasing charcoal machine equipment. This not only obtains high-quality charcoal, but also collects by-products of the charcoal machine to increase additional income. Only with a long-term vision can we go further.

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