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Rod making equipment is an indispensable machine in the charcoal industry

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-19
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Nowadays, the demand is constantly changing, and the rod making equipment is an indispensable machine in the charcoal industry. It is loved by various enterprises and dominates the charcoal compression molding operation, and is closely connected with people's lives. In the charcoal machine equipment, the rod making machine is mainly made of high-temperature and high-pressure compressed raw materials, so it plays a major role in the entire mechanism charcoal production line. There are differences in the configuration of the power. Generally, the 50-type rod is commonly used. The motor is usually equipped with a 15 kW motor, but some have 18.5 kW. Which kind of motor is better? Because the rod making machine is driven by the motor to the reducer, so energy-saving rod making equipment is used. When the time comes, the motivation needs to be smaller. The power consumption of the inevitably allocated power will also increase, and the output is proportional to the power consumption. In addition, the temperature of the forming cylinder of the rod making equipment is usually suitable to be controlled at 260℃-300℃. The temperature unevenness depends on the material.

Rod making equipment

We probably know that the intention of heating the material is to soften the lignin and add viscosity for high pressure molding. If the temperature is too high, the material will be softened excessively. Although the rod is produced at a fast speed, the rod is not robust and becomes soft. If it is too low, the viscosity of the material is poor, and the rod is not robust, which is likely to form fault cracks. So we have to repeatedly explore the temperature range of the rod. Generally speaking, the temperature for making bamboo wood is lower, it is better to keep it at 260℃-300℃, and the straw and rice husk can be selected from 300℃-320℃. Of course, the choice of temperature must also consider the practical moisture content of the material. The rods made of the same material have different temperatures, which are sensitively grasped by the operator. In addition, the color of the surface of the stick does not need to be too dark, just brown and black.

The temperature and motor power of the rod making machine are the key to production. At present, the common rod making equipment on the market includes 50 rod making machines and 80 rod making machines. We will continue to work hard to develop more models of products to ensure the entire charcoal. With sufficient equipment in the machine market, only by constantly pursuing technological innovation can we bring faster and more diversified equipment to our customers.

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