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What is the carbon production effect of continuous carbonization furnace equipment

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-20
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The components of the continuous carbonization furnace: the furnace body and the combustible gas treatment part of the continuous carbonization furnace connected by the combustible pipeline. The former includes the upper cracking chamber, the middle semi-cracking semi-calcining chamber, the lower calcining chamber and the bottom burner. The others include biomass gasifiers, soot processors, combustible gas purifiers, combustible gas condensers and induced draft fans. The continuous carbonization furnace is mainly aimed at the complete and fast processing of sawdust; the equipment has good carbon production effect.

The continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly carbon-making equipment. This equipment is suitable for the carbonization of small powders such as sawdust and rice husks. It is not easy to use for carbonization of larger materials. The use of advanced carbonization technology is the whole process. Produces harmful gases and does not pollute the environment.

Continuous carbonisation furnance

Working principle of continuous carbonization furnace:

1. When the carbonization furnace just started to heat, it needs a heat source to heat the carbonization furnace. One is to use the hot air flow generated by the reverberatory furnace for combustion and carbonization, so as to achieve the purpose of heating and carbonization. The other is to use a gasification furnace device to ignite the sawdust through the gasification furnace and combust the combustible gas produced by the gasification to achieve the purpose of heating up the carbonization.

2. When the carbonization temperature reaches a certain temperature, the combustible gas generated inside is separated by a dust separator, and the combustible gas after the dust separation is recovered by a wood tar recovery device.

3. After the carbonization heating self-produces the gas, the reverberator heating or the gasification furnace gas production device stops working at this time, and the preliminary heating equipment is finished.

4. Approximately 2-3 hours after carbonization, the carbon powder slowly flows from the carbonization into the carbonized carbon powder cooler and flows out from the cooler. The production of the equipment is normal and can be continuously uninterrupted.

5. Wood tar is an important chemical raw material. Wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements. This equipment will automatically discharge wood tar.

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