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How to choose charcoal machine equipment?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-24
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When each customer purchases charcoal machine equipment, Yufeng charcoal machine manufacturers generally ask about the raw materials and output first. That is because the charcoal machine is a complete set of equipment. The matching selection should be based on the production raw materials and output. Customers of investment mechanism charcoal machine equipment suggest that you choose to invest in small charcoal machine equipment, because the production technology is not mature, and the market is not well understood. If the investment is too large, it is not conducive to investment development, then the annual output of raw materials as sawdust is three hundred For example, sawdust dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace equipment are needed. Sawdust is also a better raw material for charcoal production mechanism, because it has high wood content and has a binding effect, the production is very simple This kind of production line only needs two to three people to operate, which is very suitable for first-time investors and small investors.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Machine

If you want to expand the scale of production, the sufficiency of raw materials is the lifeblood of the development of machine charcoal plants. The raw materials of machine charcoal include not only sawdust, but also various agricultural and forestry wastes such as straws and branches. If these raw materials are used for production, we need to be equipped with a A pulverizer, and because the production mechanism of straw and other carbon requires higher raw materials, and the production is more troublesome, resulting in increased defective products, equipped with a carbon powder molding machine can solve this problem, the carbon powder molding machine can not only The defective products can be reprocessed, and the mechanism charcoal can be tailor-made for manufacturers with special requirements for charcoal. The raw materials are first carbonized and then shaped.

Knowing the above points, you must have a preliminary understanding of the entire process of the investment mechanism charcoal machine. These equipments are all the automatic production lines of the mechanism charcoal machine. These equipment have a common feature is the high degree of mechanization It does not require many people to operate, it is very simple and convenient, you only need to control all the processes.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

Briquette Machine

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