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The rod making machine needs to be repaired

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-06-28
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What kind of problems does the rod making machine need to be repaired? This problem is a problem of the relationship between many investors in the charcoal machine industry. The rod making machine is the most important equipment in the charcoal machine equipment, and it produces semi-finished machine-made charcoal. If there is a problem with the equipment, it cannot be produced, and there is no way to produce it, which will not bring good profits to the enterprise. What problems need to be repaired in the rod making machine?

rod making machine
rod making machine


1. In the process of rod making machine, when there is smoke, how to overhaul? In this case, it is necessary to check with the optical machine to see if the raw material is too humid. If the humidity is too high, then It is necessary to make the humidity of the raw materials reach 8% to 12%. If it is not a problem of humidity, it is necessary to see if the end face of the recommender is worn. If the end face is worn, smoke will also appear. If the propeller is worn, it is necessary Make repairs.

2. In the process of the rod making machine, it appears that the manufactured rods are not formed. If the problem of non-forming occurs, it is necessary to check the heating ring of the rod making machine. Check whether the heating ring can be heated. If it cannot be heated, it is necessary to exchange the heating ring for work.

3. If there is a shutdown during production, how to carry out the repairs depends on whether there is a problem with the circuit. If there is a problem with the circuit, repair it in time.

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Charcoal Machine

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