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How can the quality of the charcoal produced be guaranteed

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-02-07
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1. The hardness of machine-made charcoal: Hold the charcoal rod vertically with one hand, and the thumb cannot be broken easily. The better the hardness, the better the quality of charcoal. Charcoal allows a small amount of cracks, and does not affect the quality of the charcoal. However, too large cracks indicate that the density of the semi-finished wooden rods is not good or the amount of oxygen supplied during the carbonization process is too high or too large, causing the cracks to fail to shrink completely. Pick up two pieces of charcoal and collide, can make a clear metallic sound.

Charcoal Product Line
Charcoal Product Line

2. Length of machine-made charcoal: The packing length of machine-made charcoal should be more than 5 cm, and the length limit is limited to the length of the carton.

3. Diameter of machine-made carbon At present, most domestic machine-made carbon equipment manufacturers adopt the standard of 5 cm diameter forming sleeve, so the diameter of finished carbon should be less than 4 cm, and 3.5-3.8 is a good shrinkage size. The resistance value is also formulated according to the carbon content and shrinkage of charcoal, and export charcoal has this test standard.

4. The color of machine-made charcoal: The color of machine-made charcoal should be black and shiny. From the outside, the charcoal is pure black. If the color is black and the percussion sound is not clear enough, it means that the water is too heavy. When the charcoal is broken, the color of the section should be more clear. If there is yellowing, it means that the charcoal has many impurities, and the ash content and volatile content will naturally exceed the standard; or the charcoal process is not standard enough, and the charcoal has smoke and smell, which is also a very obvious phenomenon of incomplete carbonization. 1. Machine-made charcoal raw materials are very good electric screening: install automatic control feeding equipment to save labor.

2. Machine-made charcoal raw material drying technology: it can achieve the ideal dry humidity in one pass, automatic discharging, low power consumption, large output, no flying material, no spraying at the discharge port.

3. Machine-made charcoal rod-making technology: 15 kilowatt motor, 48-sleeve can produce 4--5 rods per minute, and the density of the rods is very uniform.

4. Machine-made charcoal kiln technology: electronic temperature control display carbonization technology, improve output quality, almost the whole kiln has steel sound, and the charcoal output rate is 96%, which is easy to master.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving technology: the secondary combustion of carbonized smoke not only solves the environmental protection problem, but also uses the dryer to dry the raw materials, which can reduce the cost for you every year.

6. Propelling rod repair technology: direct repair welding without heating, electric welding, special wear-resistant electrode. Repair welding and polishing are completed in 5 minutes. It can be used continuously for about 3 days.

7. Renovation of machine-made charcoal old equipment: as long as there is a value of renovation, it can be changed.

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Charcoal Machine

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