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What factors affect the quality of machine-made charcoal

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-02-25
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The quality of machine-made charcoal is affected by the carbon content and composition of the material, the carbonization process, and the deforestation and transportation. The content is generally within 6%.

machine-made charcoal
machine-made charcoal

When charcoal is heated above the pyrolysis temperature, it will decompose volatile gases. After a few minutes of calcination at a high temperature (850℃~950℃), the residual carbon is called fixed carbon. When used under high temperature conditions, it will no longer volatilize and can take part in the reaction. It is also the main ingredient in charcoal.

Machine-made charcoal is a hydrophobic substance, and its water content is generally below 7% during normal storage. The degree of moisture absorption is affected by the relative humidity in the air and the degree of oxidation of the charcoal surface. The water absorption capacity of charcoal when it comes into contact with water depends on its structural characteristics and surface infiltration conditions, and can absorb water exceeding its own weight.

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