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What kind of raw material in the charcoal machine makes charcoal more effective

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-05-11
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There are many raw materials for making charcoal by the charcoal machine. In theory, as long as it is a material that contains carbon elements, it is possible, but there are many particulars about which raw material is more suitable for making charcoal. Common raw materials for making charcoal are sawdust, rice husk, melon seed skin, coconut shell, medicine residue, bamboo, walnut skin, branches, tree bark, tree trunk, wine residue, vinegar residue, furfural residue, peanut shell and various crop stalks or hard Hardwood, nut shells, etc.

Charcoal Machine
Charcoal Machine

So what kind of raw material is better for machine-made charcoal? The answer is: sawdust. Because the carbon content of sawdust is higher than that of ordinary raw materials, the moisture content and density of the raw materials are also relatively large. So the charcoal made is relatively better. The quality of charcoal made from other raw materials is not bad. Basically, the quality is not too bad. Therefore, in the choice of raw materials, you should not excessively pursue the use of sawdust to make machine-made charcoal.

Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that while using sawdust to make charcoal, it is better to add some other raw materials for mixed production. However, I would like to remind our customers that straws, rice husks, leaves, etc. are more undesirable raw materials, because the charcoal production rate is very low and the quality of the charcoal produced is not good. It is recommended not to use these raw materials.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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