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A New Channel to Carbonize the Timber

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-11
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A lot of charcoal producers use earth or brick kilns to carbonize the timber/wood, however, such traditional kiln occupies large areas, and the carbonizing efficiency is very low, what’s more, it takes long time to carbonize and causes a lot of pollution. To be an experienced charcoal producer, a person always needs to own ?abundant?experiential?knowledge. For more than ten years’ research and development, we, Zhengyang Machinery, have developed several types of timber/wood carbonizing kilns, which provides a feasible channel for the carbonization of timber/wood. Quite a few our users have already proved the convenience and efficiency of our kilns.

We use the dry distillation method to carbonize, which is able to fully utilize those combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen. The Smoke Purification System can separate wood tar and pyroligneous liquor from the combustible gases which will be used to heat (The temperature is generally controlled at about 600℃) the pipes of the kiln.

There are four layers of pipes inside our kiln. The first and second layers are preheating and drying pipes, the third layer is low-temperature carbonizing pipe, and the fourth layer is high-temperature pipe. The first and second layers are equipped with independent exhaust pipe, which is mainly used to discharge water vapor, the waste heat in the kiln is for the drying of the materials, and the water vapor will discharge from the exhaust pipes. The third and fourth layers are used for high temperature carbonization. The pipeline is equipped with independent combustible gas recycling channel for the purification of combustible gas and continue to heat the pipe, to achieve the effect of cycle heating carbonization.

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