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Briquette Making Machine Working Condition

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-10-25
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Introduction of briquette making machine:

The charcoal coal briquette machine is mainly used to suppress charcoal powder, coal powder , toner, bamboo toner,breeze, hookah powder, graphite powder, page shell of carbon, Jujube carbon, activated carbon andall kinds of powdered materials,powder and waste material.You can choose a variety of product shape such as square, ball type, elliptic type, Goose eggs type , circular type, column, strip-type, buffed top, pillow type and other special shape.These products arewidely used in refractories, metallurgy,chemical industry , power plants, energy, transportation, heating, animal husbandry, industry, agriculture, barbecue and other fields.This machine is suitable for single operation and the assembly lines .It is able to adapt to the mobile operation of occasions

Briquette making machine working condition:

(1). Materials size required before feeding into briquetting machine: less than 5 mm. If the size is larger than 5 mm, it is necessary to crush them into smaller size for briquetting.

(2). Moisture content: About 10%.

(3). Briquetting plant is made up of crusher, double shaft mixer, binder mixing barrel, briquetting machine, vertical dryer etc.

(4). Production materials type: such as coal powder, coke powder, charcoal powder, iron ore fine, mill scale, iron powder, cast iron powder, refractory material, lime powder etc.

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