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Coconut Shell Carbon Crusher

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-12-09
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Coconut Shell Carbon Crusher:

The equipment used for carbonized coconut shells. According to the characteristics of coconut shells and different specifications of granularities, it can do directional and professional crushing.

1- Equipment components:

This equipment is mainly composed by the conveyor, crusher and multi-layer vibrating screen.

2- Technical parameters:

Crusher power: 4-3kw 1set

Conveyor power: 4-2.2kw 2sets

Vibrating screen power: 6-1.1kw 1set (vibration motor)

Output: 1.5-2T/hour

3- Process flow:

The coconut shells are firstly delivered by the conveyor into the crusher for crushing. Then the crushed materials are delivered into the vibrating screen for being screened into three different coconut particles including screened powder, finished products of 3-8 and 8-12 granularities.

4- Operating instructions

1. Check whether each part is normal before using the machine. Each bearing and gear should be filled with glycerin lubrication.

2. When start the equipment, the vibrating screen and crusher should be firstly started up, then start the other belt conveyor and begin to feed raw materials.

3. Materials must be evenly fed into the belt conveyors.

4. 3-12 particles can be adjusted according to the proportion and particle size, which is achieved by clockwise adjusting two screw rods in the gap between active and passive rolls. When the screw rods rotate a cycle, the distance between two rollers will narrow 0.5 mm.

5. Conveyor belt must be installed parallelly to the two rollers and belt sidelines should be equal in length. If the belt is of misalignment, it can be adjusted by the screw rod of the passive roll until the belt sidelines on both sides are of the equal force and the belt is rotating in the center.

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