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EPA Honors Outstanding Achievements in Electronics Recycling

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the winners of the Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge Awards. The awards are given away in recognition of outstanding, innovative solutions and processes that promote sustainability and landfill diversion.
The winners of the Gold Tier Awards are Dell, HP, LG, Samsung Electronics America, Sony, Sprint, Staples, TCL and Xerox. Also, Best Buy and VIZIO are selected as winners of Silver Tier Awards. Dell, Xerox and Best Buy are also the recipients of the Electronics Challenge Champion Awards for their leadership role in responsible recycling.
Andrew Wheeler, Acting Administrator, EPA noted that the participants of the Challenge saved nearly 276,000 tons of electronics from ending up in landfills. Instead, they were diverted to certified recyclers. He commented the commitment of the participant companies towards sustainable management of electronics.
Meantime, Walter Alcorn, Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, CTA thanked EPA for collaborating with it to recognize leading electronics manufacturers and retailers who thrive to reduce environmental footprints. The increased deployment of innovative sustainability features will help in protecting our planet for the generations to come, Alcorn added.
The works by the winners will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next month in Las Vegas.

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