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How does a Continuous Carbonization Furnace Work?

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Any equipment needs a complete and closely connected work process in its specific operation. Only in this way, the functions and work of mechanical equipment can be carried out accurately and the production efficiency can be steadily improved. So what is the specific carbonization furnace workflow?
1. The drying phase starts from the ignition, and the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises slowly to 160 °C. At this time, the moisture contained in the salary bar mainly relies on the external heating amount and the heat generated by the burning of its own fuel bar to evaporate.
2. The initial stage of carbonization mainly relies on the combustion of the salary bar itself to generate heat, so that the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises to between 160 and 280 °C. At this time, the wood material undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition begins to change. Among them, the unstable composition, such as hemicellulose, decomposes to form CO2, CO and a small amount of acetic acid.
3. The temperature of this stage of the comprehensive carbonization stage is 280-400 ° C. In this stage, the wood material is rapidly thermally decomposed, and a large amount of liquid products such as acetic acid, methanol and wood tar are formed. In addition, flammable gases such as methane and ethylene are produced, and these flammable gases are burned in the furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion produce a large amount of heat, which causes the furnace temperature to rise.
After these three necessary and demanding carbonization stages, the wood material is dry distilled to char at high temperatures.

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