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Georgia Pacific Announces Surprise Decision to Shut Down Glynn County Lumber Mill

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Atlanta-headquartered Georgia Pacific announced closure of its Sterling sawmill in Glynn County, GA. The facility was closed with effect from February 1, 2019. The decision is expected to impact approximately 120 employees.
The company announced its decision on 31st January that the plant operations will be ceased from the next day onwards. The decision was initially conveyed to the plant management, followed by union leaders and finally to the employees. However, it stated that the employees will continue to receive all payments and benefits through April 2, 2019. The employees expressed surprise and disappointment with the sudden announcement.
Rick Kimble, the company spokesperson, said that the facility has been facing challenges with log procurement for a long time. The current market conditions suggest unlikely recovery or market improvement in the foreseeable future. The likely less chances for profitable operations in the near future has forced the company to shut mill operations, he added.
Some employees will be asked to continue working at the plant, helping the company shift the existing inventory of wood, so as to permanently close the plant.
Meantime, the company offered all possible help to mitigate the impacts of the mill closure. The affected employees will be provided with opportunity to transfer to open jobs in company’s other facilities, according to their qualification and experience. For those looking for a career change, the company will also arrange a job fair.

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