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Cutting-Edge Plastic Recycling Facility Under Construction in Japan

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Advanced Design of Recycling Machines (ADREM) – the equipment manufacturing subsidiary of Belgium-headquartered Group Galloo will build a 40,000 tons per annum plastic recycling plant in Omaezaki City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The plant, upon completion, would be the largest and most advanced plastics recycling facility in Japan. ADREM expects the plant to be fully operational by mid-2021.
The joint venture project named PLANIC will be run jointly by Toyota Tsusho, Veolia Japan and Kojima Sangyo. The plant is expected to address the rising issue of plastic pollution in the country. As per records, much of the plastic scrap in Japan are incinerated, landfilled or exported to other countries. The establishment of the plant is aimed at promoting domestic plastic recycling, ADREM press release said.
The plant will make use of most advanced sorting technology licensed by ADREM and the Valtech Group. Also, it will rely on Galloo’s patented separation technology that meets the highest standards of automotive industry. Further, the recycled plastic from the facility is likely to be used in a wide range of other applications as well.
The proposed plastic recycling facility will accept plastics from automobiles, household devices, pallets and containers and packaging materials as well as packaging materials from distribution centers and shopping centers.

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