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Canada-Philippines Trash Dispute Nears End

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2019-05-16
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After years of arguing over who is responsible for 2,500 tons of trash that was shipped to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 from Canada, the legal battle between the two countries is finally coming to an end. According to a Tree Huggerreport, Canada announced that it has agreed to take back the containers of household trash and e-waste that were mislabeled as plastic scrap.
A private business in Canada had shipped 103 containers of trash labeled as mixed plastic recyclables to Manila several years ago. But those containers actually concealed an unsorted mix of electronic and household waste, including adult diapers.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously maintained that there was "no legal way to force the Canadian company to deal with the trash," according to the report. But in 2017, he said it was “theoretically” possible for Canada to do something. Now, a formal offer has been made to have the containers shipped back to Vancouver's port, the report noted.
The Philippine government wants the containers gone by May 15 at the latest. However, "bureaucratic red tape in the Canadian government has slowed down the process of re-exporting the trash back to their country," so there's a chance that deadline won't be met, according to the report.

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