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Brockton and Hanover Kicks Off Polystyrene Recycling

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Two Ontario municipalities- Brockton and Hanover announced their decision to resume polystyrene (PS) foam recycling. This follows the award of a grant of $9,700 from Falls Church, Virginia-based Foam Recycling Coalition.The collection of post-consumer polystyrene foam started in both these municipalities way back in 2007. After running successfully for 10 years, the program was unexpectedly suspended in 2017, owing to challenging market conditions.
The grant will be used towards expansion of processing capabilities at both these municipalities. The installation of polystyrene densifier will compact the collected materials into condensed polystyrene bricks, which will be later recycled into new products. The foam collection services will be extended to serve neighboring communities in future.
Ron Cooper, director of public works for the Town of Hanover noted that the discontinuation of recycling services in 2017 was sudden. The recently announced grant will help the municipality resume collection of polystyrene foam for recycling from its residents. The materials collected at community drop-off depots will be transported to a central location, where they will be densified and transformed into new products such as picture frames and receipt spools.
The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), which played a key role in helping the municipalities secure the grant, announced that the official kick-off event of the resumption of polystyrene recycling services will be held in Brockton Recycling Centre on Friday, May 31.

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