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Northern Pulp Mill Submits New Focus Report to the Province

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Northern Pulp has submitted a new focus report to the Nova Scotia Ministry of Environment. The new report, as ordered by the provincial administration, is said to contain additional scientific details with regards to the mill’s proposed effluent treatment plant. It must be noted that the Environment Department had asked for a report in March this year, following an environmental assessment.
The report will undergo a preliminary check by department staff and would be made available online within 14 days. The public will then have 30 days to comment on the report. A final decision will be taken only after considering all public submissions.
Meantime, the company officials noted that the mill will close, if the plan is not approved by authorities. This is feared to lead to around 300 layoffs, in addition to hundreds of contractor jobs. Bruce Chapman, General Manager, Northern Pulp expressed confidence that the submitted document will provide a clear path to an approved project.
It must be noted that the company was given time until Jan 31, 2020 to come up with a new effluent pipeline.

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