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Which raw material of charcoal machine has better combustion performance

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-09-15
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It is better not to be absolute, combustion performance is the most important. The poplar in the north and eucalyptus in the south are fast-growing varieties promoted by the national forestry department. They grow fast and have a low natural density. They are commonly called softwoods, which are naturally not good. There are many types of wood, such as paulownia and so on. Relatively speaking, the wood of slow-growing tree species is hard, and hardwood has much better charcoal performance than softwood. Pine, oak, fir, oak, bamboo, etc., all have good burning performance, and some of the hard shells are also good raw materials. Of course, the harder the sawdust, the higher the particle density, they can achieve the same finished product density with a relatively small compression ratio, which saves some energy and machine loss, which is also very cost-effective.

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In addition to considering combustion, other factors must be considered. Ash content is very important, and it is also one of the main reasons why straw is not suitable for machine-made charcoal. Its internal composition determines its large ash content, and most of it comes out of the soil, and it is mixed with a part of the soil. It is conceivable that the burning mechanism Those rods are put in the charcoal kiln. Those who know it are considered to be charcoal, and those who don't know think it is to burn bricks. After the charcoal is burned, 3 taels of ash will be produced per catty (no exaggeration, normal phenomenon). Which user is willing to pay for this thing? I said that straw is not suitable for making, but I did not say that straw cannot be made. It is technically guaranteed, but the quality is so poor that no one wants to buy it. If you have your own reliable market, you can do the same, and even make more money.

There is also the issue of feasibility. Some raw materials are good, such as white pine and fir, but they just don't listen to them when they enter the stick making machine. Therefore, some machine-made charcoal manufacturers claim that this kind of raw material cannot be made. In fact, it can be made from biomass. It is nothing more than a laboratory study to study the deviation of its composition from a reasonable composition. It is OK to take some simple measures, but it is simple to say, not everyone can do it. In this industry, there are often many masters with practical experience and few with theoretical foundations.

Another is that different materials have different wear on equipment. And different raw materials have different carbon production rates due to their different ingredients, that is, a few catties of raw materials produce 1 catty of charcoal, and this number varies slightly with different raw materials.

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