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Advantages of Zhengyang Machinery Carbonization Furnace

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Along with the continuous development of science and technology, social progress, the carbonation furnace manufactured by Zhengyang Machinery are moving to the direction of multi-element. We need a clean, tidy, green, environmental friendly home! Our carbonization furnace has been exported to many countries. Why is it so popular?

1. Multi-functional:

The carbonation equipment can be designed into different models and sizes according to the size, humidity and shape of the raw materials, which plays a catalytic role in the development of carbonization industry.

2. Dedicated:

The machine can meet the carbonization requirement of different raw materials such as straw, rice husk, living garbage, coconut shell, linen, etc., with strong pertinence, which is called one machine with various uses.

3. Efficient and environmental charcoal making machine:

As we all know, the efficient charcoal making machine price is relatively higher. In order to reduce costs, we can recycle and reuse the flue gas generated by the equipment itself through purification system. In this way, it is not only environmental friendly, but also can save energy resources, as well as can achieve the purpose of reducing costs without affecting the production quality of the equipment.

With high quality and mature structure, Zhengyang Machinery Carbonization Furnace can be utilized for dealing the waste materials such as: Biomass: straw, palm shell, wood sawdust, rice hull, coconut shell, olive shell, peanut shell, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse…

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