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Bamboo charcoal production line

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-03-23 03:28:57
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Bamboo charcoal production line uses bamboo chips as the main raw material, which is dried in a drying oven into standard raw materials with appropriate dry humidity. After cooling, it enters the bamboo charcoal machine (rod making machine), and then is plasticized at high temperature and high pressure to form firewood rods (semi-finished products) ), after high-temperature carbonization in a carbonization furnace, it becomes a finished machine-made bamboo charcoal.


Bamboo charcoal production ine

First of all, bamboo charcoal has a high use value. The more common use of bamboo charcoal in daily life is to eliminate odors. Most people know that bamboo charcoal can also be placed in the refrigerator to eliminate odors. This is all possible. New cars Bamboo charcoal can be used to eliminate odors in new houses and eliminate odors after decoration. Most people will also choose bamboo charcoal. The price is not expensive and the effect is good. Secondly, bamboo charcoal skin care products are now available, and facial cleansers are all cleaned with bamboo charcoal. And socks and quilts made of bamboo charcoal fiber are also more popular, and they are all examples of people who live around us all the year round. Bamboo charcoal can absorb moisture, remove peculiar smell, purify air and so on.

How is bamboo charcoal made? Bamboo charcoal is produced by a bamboo charcoal machine, but a bamboo charcoal machine is not a piece of equipment. Equipment, this is also the production process of bamboo charcoal. The production of bamboo charcoal is not the carbonization of the whole bamboo. All bamboo needs to be crushed, dried after crushing, pressed after drying, or directly carbonized to ensure the characteristics of bamboo.

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