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Beehive Coal Briquette Machine advantages And Application

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Beehive coal briquette machine advantages are as follows:

1.Briquette making machine can be used for pressing different molds of briquettes by replacing matching moulds. The customers can purchase complete machine with other kind of moulds, then the machine can be multi-purpose, and the customers can save capitals.

2.Besides the normal products, we can also design and manufacture special moulds as the customers' requirements.

3.The briquette making machine can produce honeycomb briquettes, also it can press powder materials into other shapes.

Beehive coal making machine Application:

Beehive coal making machine mainly used in home fire, heating with anthracite honeycomb made of cylindrical briquettes.

Previously been processed into the coal sphere slightly larger than pingpong, and later the coal processed into one cylinder,and marked with a number of holes inside the cylinder, because it can increase the surface area of coal,which is easy to get the full combustion of coal and reduce resource waste.

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