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Carbonization Technology of Mechanism Charcoal Machine

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Carbonation is the key point for charcoal production, here are many different ways of carbonation, which can be divided into two categories: internal combustion, distillation can be used. Because of different carbonization process requirements, carbonization temperature should be 550-600℃, early warming should be carried out slowly, kiln should be 15 hours, machine kiln should be 2-3 hours. Long heating time early can prevent raw material rod being affected with damp and cracking. And ensure the carbonation quality.

The quality of mechanism charcoal carbonization is closely related to the raw material rod, generally the density of raw material rod should be greater than 1. Simple detection method : Take a piece of molded rod material into water, drowned in the water is greater than 1, the proportion of floating proportion is less than 1, the bigger proportion,the the higher density, and the better quality of charcoal.

After the charcoal out of kilns. First, ventilating, and then producing carbon, in order to avoid carbon dioxide poisoning. The charcoal have been produced hould be placed outside of kiln for more than eight hours to prevent the resurgence of fire .

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