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Coconut Husk Charcoal Briqueting Machine Manufacture Factory

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Introduction of coconut shell charcoal briquetting machine:

Coconut shell charcoal briquetting machine is applied to use coal powder or charcoal powder to produce hollow coal rod.The finished production can be widely used in many fields, such as BBQ, home, industry, the greatest merit of them is to be easily ignited by a lighter, very convenient, also, their burning time is very long.

Coconut shell charcoal briqueting machine Advantage:

1. high efficiency, 120 Pcs/min

2. varied shapes of mould: hexagonal, cylindrical, square etc.

3. with our self researched formula, the hollow coal rod is smokeless and easy to be ignited.

4. raw material: coal or charcoal powder are both ok

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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