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How much is a complete set of charcoal machine?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-01-11 14:41:12
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With the development of society, the use of machine-made charcoal has become more and more extensive, and the demand for machine-made charcoal in the market is increasingly strong. Many friends hope to invest in the charcoal machine industry, and most of them hope to start from a charcoal machine with a daily output of one ton. Today, SUNY GROUP introduces the charcoal machine equipment to friends.

When many users consult, the first thing they ask is the price of charcoal machine equipment. In fact, the price of charcoal machine equipment with a daily output of one ton is affected by many factors, not as simple as a number: 1. The situation of raw materials, different raw materials require different crushing equipment and drying equipment; 2. The degree of automation, such as screw auger, Users can freely choose automatic supporting equipment such as steel mesh conveying and distributor; 3. The specific configuration, even if it is the same equipment, the type and model are different, and the price is also quite different. For example, the dryer, with the same output of one ton, has a price difference of five or six thousand yuan compared with the cutter disc type, the hammer type and the compound type. Another example is carbonization equipment. The price of an old-fashioned carbonization furnace and a new type of smokeless carbonization furnace can differ by about 20,000 yuan. If an environmentally friendly earth kiln is built, the price will be much lower. Therefore, users should first determine the type, model, quantity, etc. of the equipment according to the introduction of the charcoal machine company or their own understanding, and then negotiate the price.

Regarding the configuration of environmental protection equipment in the daily output of one ton of charcoal machines, in the process of talking with users, we found that there are still some friends who are lucky, because of various reasons such as geographical factors, they think that environmental protection production does not matter, they are not involved, and they want to configure it once Low-cost, high-polluting equipment. SUNY GROUP believes that environmental protection and energy conservation are the major policies of the country, and it is also a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people. The governance of governments at all levels will only increase. If we don't see this when investing in charcoal machine equipment, we will probably suffer major economic losses in the future because we save 10,000 yuan when building the factory. For more details about the environment-friendly daily output of one ton of charcoal machine equipment, users can call SUNY GROUP, and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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