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How to Make Full Use of Biomass Wastes

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-02-14
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Biomass refers to those materials derived from plants that use sunlight to grow. As a renewable energy, biomass energy is widely used in many fields. However, there are still some biomass wastes that haven’t been used today.

The biomass wastes in the world is in great abundance which include agricultural residues, animal waste, forestry residues, wood wastes, domestic wastes, food processing wastes and so on. Most of these biomass wastes are been buried or burned directly which cost serious pollution to the environment. Agricultural residues and forestry residues are usually used as fertilizer or fuel directly, industrial wastes are directly buried while animal wastes are used as fertilizer or simply spread onto agricultural land. With the development of technology and the increasing environment protection awareness of people, people paid attention to the recycle of biomass waste, but there are still something to be improved.

Then how to make full use of biomass wastes? In the following we will use wood wastes, forestry residues and agricultural waste for example.

Agricultural residues Agricultural residues usually refer to the straw, stalk, leaves, bagasse, husk, peel and so on. Agricultural residues are the main byproducts of agriculture. Every year agricultural residues are produced in large quantity. Currently, the agricultural residues are used as fertilizer or burned directly, which will cost pollution to the environment. However, using them in proper way, they will became huge energy. Agriculture residues can be used mainly in two ways: one is used as feed of animals, the other is used as biomass fuel. Agricultural residues can be materials of wood pellet mill. When they are pressed into pellets, the density and energy of the agricultural residues have improved. The wood pellet mill in different types can make the agricultural residues into high quality wood pellet. These pellets are used as fuels of industrial production.

Forestry residues and wood wastes Forestry residues and wood wastes usually generated in the process of wood processing. They usually exist in the forms of sawdusts, trims, shavings, plywood, wood chips, old furnitures, useless components of buildings or other forms. For centuries, the forestry residues and wood wastes are used directly as fire wood to cook or heat their environment. Since wood wastes and forestry residues have the features of low density, high pollution, people should use them in proper way. While these years the recycling of forestry residues and wood wastes has developed quickly. People use them as clean and renewable fuel energy.

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