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How to Operate Rotary Dryer?

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The rotary dryer is a charcoal sawdust dryer used for drying grain, sawdust and other small granular sawdust. It can dry the crushed raw sawdust quickly with high capacity in charcoal production line.

The correct operation of rotary dryer decides the desired outcome and the charcoal quality.

How to operate rotary dryer?

Rotary Dryer is easy to operate. The sawdust first go into the inside drum, because there are the spiral shape boards fixed in the drum, when the rotary drum dryer make rotary working, the spiral shape board will stir the sawdust and make the sawdust do longitudinal movement, when the sawdust reach the right side of the drum, under gravity effect, the sawdust go into the second drum, because of director plate device, the sawdust go into the second drum, and the same work principle, the sawdust go into outside drum, in the drying working process, the sawdust make three times drying, so the sawdust can be dried completely.

There are so many issues you have to mention to operate the rotary dryer. So it is better for you to have a professional technician to help you. Further more, it will make your operation more easy if you have customized you own rotary dryer from a professional manufacture

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