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Introduction of Ddesulfurization Gypsum Press Ball Machine

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Introduction of desulfurization gypsum press ball machine :

Factory outlet carbon black pellet machine is a featured production of our factory, it is used to make pellet from dust or granule, such as carbon black, coal dust,iron powder. After the pressing of our machine, powder and granule are formed into various shapes of balls. This processing changes the using way of coal brings many good efforts.

First, small pellet/briquette/ball provide gap for burning, so the efficiency can be improved, and the energy can be saved.

Second, during briquetting, we fill blinder in the raw material, as a result, SO2 and solid dust are reduced, our environment can be protected.

Third, briquetting changes the defect of a single coal performance, diversifies the using way of coal.

Fourth, briquetting can effectively alleviate the pressure of coal piece. Pellet making machine is a good way to change the model of our energy. Twenty years experience on this machine makes our factory professional in is field, excellent quality, low energy cost and enormous volume of production are the most obvious features of our machine, apart from those, we can produce various kinds of standard.

Ball briquette machine is used to press the powder mateials into round or pillow shape . Furthermore, apart from shapes mentioned above, we can also produce other various types based on customer requirments. Ball briquette machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, refractories, abrasive, fertilizer, ceramics, ect.

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