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Maintenance of The Charcoal Machine Matters Needing Attention

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Normally mechanical products in use after a period of time to repair, should look at repair.Rods machine propulsion system was a very important part of in the production mechanism of charcoal, is easy worn parts, how to judge the propeller in need of repair, we summarize the following points for the user:

1)The output of charcoal stick speed decreases significantly;

2)The degree of dry wet and the temperature of raw material up to par, stick machine often jammed, cannot normal production;

3) The rods can take shape, but waiting out, can't join together;

4) The output of charcoal stick speed  quickly, but the structure is loose, and density bottom;

5)Before the propeller parts and wear less than 4 mm

6) Finished product charcoal stick inner hole diameter less than 10 mm;

7)Due to falling into a stone, nails and other foreign bodies, or other reasons make the propeller spiral parts wear and tear.

8)Propeller rotation but not out of  the charcoal stick .

Appear the above situation, need to repair the screw propeller, repair the electrode surfacing electrode USES professional wear after repair good effect as good as new, guarantee the normal production.

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