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Mechanical Straw Biomass Making Briquette Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-03
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Mechanical straw biomass making briquette machine,Straw biomass making briquette machine is also called sawdust /wood briquette machine,rice husk briquette.The device is the primary mechanism for charcoal production molding equipment.It can make bamboo , straw , wood, shell and other particulate that with less than 14% water into a solid stick with a central bore in the case of no addition of a binder , high temperature , high pressure.

Mechanical straw biomass making briquette machine features:

1 Raw material used for wood briquette machine can be corn cob,wheat straw, cotton straw,wood chips,tree branch ,corn stalk ,sawdust etc.

2 Wood Briquette machine screw propeller equiped with automatic temperature control system.

3 16 working hours per day.

4 Industrial boiler fuel, BBQ,warming.

From the above information you should have a simple understanding about our straw biomass making briquette machine, if you want to know more detailed information can contact us or leave a message to us.

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