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Principle of Sawdust Carbonization Stove

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Principle of Sawdust Carbonization Stove:

1. Open the sealing cover and put the basket on one side.Then put the raw materials into it.Set up the basket and use the hoisting tools to put it in the main furnace. Also should put the cover and use the sand or mud to seal the sealing cover.heat in the base of the furnace by fuel materials. With the temperature rising, some smoke will come out from the exhaust port.

2. When the temperature of the basket reaches to 220-300 degree ( different raw materials has different temperature)., the smoke begin to the light yellow, we should connect fume extraction tube at once, let the smoke return back to the basket. Also stop heating by the fuel at the same time. The materials ( wood logs or the shell) are during the process of carbonizing.

3. When the temperature reach to 450 degree, we should stop heating and finish carbonization.

4. Then disconnect the jointing parts. Taking the basket out from the main furnace( can not open the sealing cover) and let the materials cool by themselves. When the temperature is about 50degree, we can open the sealing cover and take out the charcoal.

This paper is to explain the use of the Sawdust Carbonization Stove process, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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