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Relationship Between the Ball Pressing Machine and Materials

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Ball pressing machine is to squeeze the powder material to shape, so that the density increases, the intensity increases, and suppress the finished product most used for combustion, smelting. Like coal powder pressed into the ball, to ensure strength, loading is not broken, when the boiler is not broken burning, so it will greatly improve the combustion value. Then the intensity of the ball depends mainly on the amount of adhesive and the correct usage, there is the particularity of the material, there is little point is the size of the ball press ball the size of the ball and the depth of the ball, have determined the ball The intensity!

The different types of ball press the size of the ball and socket will be different due to different materials in order to achieve a variety of different requirements.

For the dry powder ball press machine, you need to choose flat square ball socket, and the ball socket choice is not, and very shallow, the main reason is the dry powder ball press in the suppression of raw materials, do not allow any adhesive , If the ball with a deep pit and the ball pit, the ball into the ball is not high. Or even difficult to shape.

For the coal dust ball press and iron ball press machine, should try to use a large ball pit, the ball should be set into a spherical ball-like, so as long as the control of good material moisture and adhesive consumption, the pressure of the finished ball Yield up to 95 percent, and into the ball strength is very good. If not, you can try to pressure the ball twice, you can ensure the ball into the rate and intensity.

For the gypsum ball press machine, should choose small and medium ball pit, and pellet diameter should also choose 3-5 cm, because the pressure gypsum in the pressure ball, there is a certain amount of water is wet with pressure ball Method of repression, should the water a little bit large, can be used to pre-press machine.

These materials are the most common materials, the pressure into the ball machine ball strength depends not only on the adhesive, but also depends on the situation according to the use of raw materials models, so the choice of machinery and the choice of roller ball and socket are particularly important. For more information about the ball machine equipment ball and materials issues, you can contact us.

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