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Smokeless Sawdust Carbonization Stove Principle

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Smokeless Sawdust Carbonization Stove principle:

Smokeless Sawdust Carbonization Stove,Can be used in the raw materials of gasification and combustion in the furnace are: sawdust, shell, palm shell, shell, straw, wood waste, etc., the generated flue gas after spray to pour in the pipe, cooling and purification, become a combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane,), as an early carbide heating,When the temperature reached to 300 degrees Celsius, carbonization furnace starting carbonizing of raw materials, producing smoke; flue gas become into a combustible gas after spray pour, cooling purification by the cooling purification system, continue carbonizing, then gasifier stop working.

Continuous carbonization furnace will be the landfill waste combustible materials respectively through energy cleavage discarded wood, wood flour in the various substances by pyrolysis reductive decomposition (high-temperature decomposition of the charcoal powder or carbon rods) into activated carbon, tar, wood acetate, liquefied gas and other products.

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