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What problems will be encountered in the production of new charcoal machines?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-03-31 23:52:25
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No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, you must be careful in the actual operation process. The new charcoal machine is also certain, so for novice operators, you must pay attention to it. So what problems will be encountered in the production of the new charcoal machine? Charcoal What are machine operation safety issues?

1. It is necessary to effectively adjust the parts susceptible to thermal expansion such as the base and belt of the new charcoal machine to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

2. When operating the new charcoal machine, work clothes must be worn in strict accordance with the standards to avoid skin burns caused by wearing short sleeves.

3. Safety configuration of all circuit facilities in the entire carbon plant. In the production process of the charcoal machine, the biggest security loophole is electricity. The rod forming equipment of the charcoal machine uses a motor, which uses 380V electricity. The body is made of steel with good heat dissipation performance, but it also has electrical conductivity. When a fault occurs, many operators do not notice this, and accidentally touch it to cause an electric shock. The solution to this kind of security loophole is to install a leakage point protection device at the power supply, or install an air protection switch at the bus line to avoid injuries caused by accidental electric shocks. Secondly, a grounding device must be installed on the body of the motor to avoid leakage.

4. When encapsulating the finished machine-made charcoal, try to ensure the natural cooling of the machine-made charcoal for more than eight hours to avoid fires caused by the internal combustion of the machine-made charcoal. The carbonization furnace is formed by carbonizing the formed carbon rods through high-temperature combustion. Generally, there will be sparks in the center hole when they come out. It is necessary to pour out the sparks and wait for them to cool completely before stacking them. Do not pile them up indoors, as they can easily cause fires.

5. It is necessary to ensure the overall safety structure of the warehouse, the construction of ventilation, moisture-proof and other facilities.

What are the safety issues of charcoal machine operation?

【1】Electrical safety: The motor configured in the complete set of new charcoal machine is made of steel material with good heat dissipation performance, but it is also conductive. When a fault occurs, the worker does not notice it and accidentally touches it to cause an electric shock. ACCIDENT. We recommend installing a leakage point protection device at the power supply and a grounding device on the motor body to avoid leakage.

[2] Fire safety: The carbonization furnace is made by carbonizing the extruded semi-finished machine-made salary rod at high temperature. The carbonized charcoal will have sparks in the center hole. It should be noted that wait for the sparks to cool completely before proceeding. Do not pile up the salary sticks indoors to avoid fire.

When the new charcoal machine produces mechanism charcoal, there are other common safety problems, which require operators to perform safe operations to ensure the production efficiency and quality of the new charcoal machine, and bring better economic benefits for themselves.

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