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Wood Crusher Correct Operation Safety Codes

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Safety production is the root of every enterprise's production, and the safe usage of each device specification is different, today mainly to introduce the wood crusher correct operating safety codes:

1, after starting, for the machine to run properly, to allow uniform continuous feeding of crop.

2, should pay attention to when working motor, the speed of the thresher, voice and the temperature of the bearing.

3, the operator should stand at the side of the feeding mouth to feed, clothes should tighten sleeves, wearing masks and working cap.

4, feeding, should pay attention to the grain to see if there is hard objects, in order to avoid damage to the machine and cause accidents.

5, and found the following problems should be shut down engine, stop processing.

(1) motor smoke,

(2) the congestion,

(3) grinding quality is bad

(4) bearing overheating, more than 60 degrees.

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