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Working Principleof Carbonization Furnace

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Working principleof carbonization furnace:

It uses movable steel structure,and furnace top of the exhaust pipe is connected with a tar separator and a draft fan coupling, showing features of unique structure, large effective volume, advanced carbonization technology , short cycle, high yield, good environmental protection performance, and long service life etc.

Introduction of carbonization furnace:

The carbonization furnace is the key equipment to produce the charcoal from the briquette. It takes use of the dry distillation

principle, making the wood, the briquette and other qualitative materials in the furnace, heat decomposition of oxygen generation combustible gas.

Using this kind machine, the materials can be carbonized directly; also can be make the materials into briquette, then carbonize them.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

Briquette Machine

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