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Important Equipment for Charcoal Machine

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Why is a high temperature carbonization furnace an important equipment in a charcoal machine? Because the main task of the high-temperature carbonization furnace is to carbonize the semi-finished carbon into finished carbon, which replaces the previous earthen kiln and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The high-temperature carbonization furnace places the semi-finished charcoal uniformly in the carbonization furnace, and then ignites in the gasification furnace. After the flue gas generated in the gasification furnace is treated, it becomes a combustible gas to burn the carbonization furnace to achieve the purpose of heating, the carbonization furnace When a certain temperature is reached, the semi-finished charcoal machine placed therein starts to be dried and carbonized, and the combustible gas generated in the carbonization enters the purification cooling tower, and the flue gas treatment is turned into a combustible gas by purifying the cooling tower. Continue to heat the carbonization furnace, which is very energy efficient. Installed purification cooling tower to avoid gas discharge and more environmentally friendly

Through high temperature, after 8 to 12 hours of carbonization under air-insulated conditions, the semi-finished charcoal machine can become finished charcoal.

The high-temperature carbonization furnace adopts an intelligent control system, which greatly saves labor, is more efficient, and is automatically intelligent. The high-temperature carbonization furnace can also realize continuous feeding, continuous operation of carbonization, continuous discharge, and better bring benefits to the enterprise.

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